We're Glad You're Here

This Is What We're About

We hope you’ll find our church family to be a comforting and friendly group. We certainly don’t make any claims to be perfect; we are, however, growing together in faith and community, discovering truths that are changing us from the inside out, and becoming
inspired to live our lives as the Church of Jesus.

This family is a lot like you--trying to balance life, faith, work, and family in the
hectic hours of our lives. And to do so, we are convinced that we need
wisdom, instruction, and love beyond our own imperfect capabilities and
capacities. And that is just the reason we’re here! We are setting aside time in
preparation to live life to the fullest by first worshiping God and learning from
his Book, the Bible. That’s why we gather together each week. In our Bible
study time and worship services, both young and old learn principles for
successful living that work not only on Sundays, but also on every other day of
the week.

You may notice that our Sunday services are a little different from the
traditional church. For example, our worship is enthusiastic: some may raise
their hands, clap, whistle, or even shout a little “hallelujah” or “amen” once in a
while. Please know that we believe in doing everything in an orderly and
biblical way.  When we pray, we pray in faith, trusting God for miracles and divine
intervention. And if someone is sick, we will call church leadership to pray and
even anoint with oil as is instructed in the New Testament.  And when we
study the Bible, we study to understand and apply, believing that the Christian
lifestyle and world view is the very best way to live life.  We also work and live
to encourage one another through listening, praying, comforting, and building
friendships. That’s why we call ourselves a family of believers.

Lastly, we are committed to our community: we trust that Oneonta will be a
better place to live because Anchors is here. We are committed to Jesus
Christ as our Lord, the Word of God as our guide, and the Holy Spirit as our
strength. We understand that we are created for His glory, and as we live out
our eternal purpose, we find strength and peace for our life’s journey.

We sincerely hope you’ll find our website useful and plan a visit. We welcome
you to share the joy that we have found through faith in Jesus!